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Internet Marketing

Marketing Department of Albasoft offers all kinds of internet marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO local & global SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, video marketing, marketing portals, and marketing on digital monitor.
1. SMS Marketing

Marketing through mobile phones SMS (Short Message Service) has become very popular. Therefore, Alba-Soft necessarily have to offer this service to their clients, because we serving our customers. Average SMS sent through our system are read within 2 minutes, making it the fastest marketing potential.
During these years, SMS marketing has become a legitimate way of marketing in many parts of the world. This is because, unlike e-mail sent through the public Internet, SMS marketing policies are based on high standards and exclude the possibility of spam.
Module for managing your customers and your campaign contains:
- Add clients
- Delete clients
- Division into groups
- Sending SMS individual
- Sending SMS Group

2. E-mail marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most successful tools for developing relations and building loyalty with your customers.
Why you need email marketing?
You have developed your website. You've spent time using the Optimizer website for search engine (google, yahoo) looking for your customers. Now how do you keep them and do they daily clients?
Email Marketing helps you to collect information from visitors to the site and your customers, so you can send them to important information about your products and services. Then, when they are ready to purchase, you will be the first choice for them.
Many visitors to Web sites will not be first visit customers, but if you keep them interested and connected with your business, you have a better chance to win those customers.
Why Email Marketing is successful?
• Enables sending the same message instantly to millions of clients or coworkers
• The selection allows the message recipient (customer selection)
• The message contains additional documents
• Sent directly to the selected client, helps to build relationships and increase loyalty and confidentiality in relation to the client.

Alba-Soft has a database with over 800,000 emails of Albanian users.
Collaborate with us and enhance loyalty with your customers and get new clients at extremely cheap price through email marketing.
3. Web banner advertising
We offer advertising space on many visited pages as Lajmë,, Dë
Many of our sites are concentrated in the portal known by all Albanians.
Here visitors could find software, services, science, news dealing with the history, language, literature and culture, the figure of Philology, Albanian cities, amusement, crossword puzzles, jokes, anecdotes, etc.
More than 200 sub buttons.
Portal among other things is place of meeting of academics, professors, intellectuals, students and lovers of Albanian, thus displaying your advertising on the portal Albanian language will enhance your image as an organization and simultaneously selling the products or services you offer.
Prices of advertising on our websites are very cheap and guaranteed visits. In each way, if you are not satisfied you do not have an obligation to pay.
You can contact us on +37744 318 282 or

4. Facebook Advertising
Through us at any time you can advertise on many pages in Facebook, ensuring an audience of tens of thousands of visits within 24 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us and you'll receive a concrete offer. After agreement we can make you administrator and you can post personally, so, if it is easier to you, we can make posts for you on the scheduled time.
We can arrange you any kind of marketing on Facebook. We have an excellent experience and very successful. Our pages exceed the number of over 500,000 members.

5. LCD advertising

Monitor Size:
The display size is 3m x 2m. Perfect position in the center of city, 5 meters from the main road, opposite of Academy of Sciences.
Schedule of transmission of ad
Starts from 07:00 am to 01:00 midnight.
Duration and visibility of advertisement
The first package: 25 minutes per day, SHOW AT LEAST 300 TIMES A DAY DURATION 5 SEK.
Package Two: 50 minutes per day, SHOW AT LEAST 300 TIMES A DAY IN DURATION 10 SEK.
For special requests should be agreed separately.
The first package: 80 EUR, 25 minutes a day, at least 300 times a day, with a duration of 5 seconds. This price is with VAT.
The second package: 130 Euro, 50 minutes a day, at least 300 times a day, with a duration of 10 seconds. This price is with VAT.
Many formats, as desired. Video: avi, mpg, wmv, swf, rm, dat, vob. Photo: jpg, gif, bmp. Text: TXT;
All ads you must bring in proportion 3x2.
For more information, contact us to arrange a meeting to talk about the details of this offer.

We are waiting to cooperate with you!
Sincerely, Albasoft

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Why should you advertise
• Over 1,100,000 visitors per month will see your advertisement.
• True visitors to your site through your advertising, allowing you access to the statistics of clicks on your advertisement.
• advertising space in the most visible place of the portal.
• advertising space exclusively for your company.
• adults visitors based on the type of information provided on the site.
So, join one of the most unique Albanian portal, and meet your new customers!
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