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About Us

Albasoft (2003 - 2021) 
Albasoft develops and sells software and services to local and international small and medium businesses. 
Albasoft offers a range of technologies and enables the customer to gain real value, with full life cycle supports for applications, including assessments, implementations, optimization improvements, maintenance and hosting.
The company, Albasoft, is a medium-sized software development company with app. 20 employees and hundreds of collaborators who participate in our projects. Albasoft has a proven past performance of more than 10 years and has a good, innovative and marketable series of IT-products. One of the advantages is a key product, an in-house developed CMS (Content Management System) enabling the quick production of modular web applications for small/medium enterprises. 
Albasoft participated in production of greatly software for great clients. 
We are specialized Designing and Programming services using .NET, PHP, JAVA. The database management systems used by us include: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.
Albasoft aspiration is to meet the highest standard of service for international and local, small and medium businesses at a competitive charge level. In favor of this ambition the management team strategy is to cultivate world-class business services, which represent care for customers and staff.
Albasoft strives to expand its business. It aims to achieve this by finding partners in other countries and expand the services to the mobile market.
We expect to find even more partners in EU, USA and all over the world, for cooperation with joint IT services and products. A basic distinction can be business to business (B2B); however, most desirable are joint ventures.
Albasoft offers its customers and business partners’ high value for capital and an alignment with their Corporate Social Responsibility.
The perspective for partners and investors is to get access to rapidly growing markets in the Balkan world, as well as to tap into a unique pool of labor with graduates from Kosovo and Albania with strong professional IT skills, working at a competitive cost. Thanks to its geographical position multilingualism and an entrance in Balkan countries.
We are sure there are a lot of possibilities for business cooperation, so, if you consider good opportunity doing business with us, for you and your company, do not hesitate to contact us for any discussion at any time.